Premium Services

Baird Optical Co, Inc is here for you and everyone that makes up our community.  We want to help with all your eye care needs from routine eye care, comprehensive medical checks, and urgent eye problems to the best quality glasses, contact lenses, and sun protection.


Routine Eye Exams

Most professional organizations recommend yearly eye exams to not only check how well you are seeing but also to verify that the whole visual tract and system are healthy.  At Baird Optical we will check your glasses prescription and overall ocular health during these exams.  Contact lens evaluations can be added to these visits for those that desire this service as well.

Comprehensive Medical Exams

Many systemic health conditions and ocular diseases can affect the way the visual system performs.  Some of the most commonly evaluated conditions and diseases in eye care include diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma and dry eyes.  We highly depend on our eyes as they greatly contribute to quality of life, so make sure to get yours checked often.



Ocular Urgencies

Urgent eye complications and problems can happen when we least expect it.  Some of the more common problems that we see include pain, red eyes, foreign objects in the eye, infections, abrasions, flashes/floaters and many more.  Our convenient hours including nights and weekends can help in those unfortunate situations.  For true emergencies or if we are not available, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Optical Services

Along with glasses and contact lens sales, we also offer a variety of harmful UV light protection products, ocular hygiene products and optical accessories.  We have over 500 frames in stock and will work with you to find ones that make you look your best. Come check us out!